The open ground is a tricky place, especially for first timers. You never know when an enemy can emerge out of nowhere and attack you. Spotting grounds in open places are common for enemy players. This is probably the hardest place to escape without an attack from your enemy.  Treading easily through the open ground will help you go through so many levels easily.

Here is how you can advance on the open ground

There is no way you can avoid the open ground. Some parts of the game contain open grounds as large as 300 meters and above.  The open grounds are filled with nothing but sand impressions, some bushes and tall grass. Some even have fences which you will have to hop over. According to professional gamer, crawling through the open ground is never the best idea. Crawling is slow, tiring and sometimes you never know the lengths of the open ground.

To pass through an open ground, you should strategise first. Advance a team out of one squad and give them a 25-40 meters head start. You will be able to see everything that comes your way and also provide cover through another team. Moving in sections is also advisable. Do not send all your squads out in the open field at the same time. While the times move through the open ground, they provide cover to one another.

You are most definitely going to take casualties from the open ground. The enemy is often on the last few meters of the open ground. In this level, they have stronger and more effective weapons. As long as your squad is covered and firing back at the enemy, you have a great chance of surviving the open ground. If you have additional firearms that can take down tanks and MG’s, you will definitely need that on the open ground.

Bound movement is not just to let your team reply through the firearms, it also makes sense since the enemy cannot reply with firearms if you are still in long range.  Bounding your teams by range will spread the pain by giving your enemy different moving targets at unpredictably different times. Each squad or unit is exposed on the open ground for only a short period of time. When one squad is stationary it goes into hiding.

Overall, the formation tactic takes the lead using rally power. There is a witch between cautious and ok within small time frames. Increasing exposure time will increase the number of injuries and casualties since more of the squad is exposed for longer on the ground.  This is actually one of the safest ways to cover the whole ground you can use this tactics from grounds that range up to 500 meters. 

As you proceed closer to the enemy, ensure you reduce the motion time even more and increase firearms. Ensure that only a few of your men are moving during different times to make this work out for you. Remember, now the enemy is closer and the fireback is becoming more effective on your side.