The fights in combat 2 involve a large amount of perception and strategic moves. Even though it is almost a guarantee that you will lose most of your solders in combat, it does not always have to be that way. Keeping the combats in mind will help you complete the missions successfully. You will also enjoy the benefits of having most or even the entire squad with you.

Your success in defeating the oppressor in combat two will relay on three things. One, you must have great resource management throughout the whole game. Two, your tactical approach plays a big role in every mission you embark on. Finally, the quality of your squad has a big part to play in the entire mission.

Below are tactics and practices that will help you and your soldiers survive throughout the whole mission if not most of it.

Give your squad a full cover whenever you can, especially when they are in motion. You can find pots with full or partial covers through indications on the screen. Tiles with shield indicate some type of coverage for your squad. If you are in full cover, your enemies are most likely going to miss all the shots aimed at you. Predicting the direction from which the enemies may come will also help you keep the soldiers safe. The main goal is to move towards the objective while keeping barriers between you and the enemy forces.

The over watch ability in combat 2 allows you to put members in your squad in attack mode. When they are in this mode, they will react to attacks from enemies that are within their range. You can use over watch to ambush unsuspecting enemies and creating some extra damage on them in between turns

The soldiers who perform well during the missions usually have a promotion waiting for them later. The promotions come after a successful mission in the After action report. Do not forget to promote them during this time, if you do you can always go back and do it when you remember. Promotions are a great deal because they give the solders new skills and abilities which will promote more successful missions.

Different soldiers are promoted to different class types depending on the combating abilities. The classes group the soldier into sharpshooters, grenadiers, specialists, rangers and coveted operatives. The combat style is different and unique for every class. Try to include as many different types in your squad as you can during the missions. This will help you balance out the roles you need for combat and missions.

If your soldiers are injured during the battle, they can partially heal themselves using Medkits. Medkits can come in handy when you are facing challenging missions. Equipping most of your squad with medkits before the missions will promote some survival for a long time for the soldiers. Most of the missions in combat are time-set. This means they have a limited amount of time and tries. Ensure you are advancing the soldiers towards the objective location even when you see the enemies nearby so you can avoid most failures.