Attack mode

During combat, the US/NATO side usually has the most advantage, especially when it occurs in longer ranges.  If the western forces happen to move closer while there is an unsuppressed enemy, you are more likely going to get clobbered. Using a plan for attack will not only help you avoid any losses or injuries but you will also predict the actions of the enemy before they happen.

One of the first steps of the sequence should be to get rid of the long range AT weapons that your enemies posses. Once you spot the AT weapons, you can deal with them by moving the machine guns into firing positions or artillery.  You can also substitute that by using some javelins to take out the persistent and pesky targets.

Get rid of your long range anti- infantry weapons if you want to go on attack mode.  If you do not have the weapons to do the job, then you can use the vehicles to make everything work out. When you see any piece of cover during combat, ensure you suppress them. The enemies may be hiding behind the covers and you do not want to take the chances. You can use heavy weapons and vehicles for this tactic.  You may try suppressing them with small range weapons but you will fail miserably in most cases.

Use the hunt or quick command when you are moving your squad towards the target. Using the quick buttons and the covers while approaching the target will help you survive longer. You can also set a target arch that covers the places your enemies are likely to set the fires from.  If the enemies are under attack mode, do not by any means try to close on the target. You will lose more lives before you get to the target.

Finally, it is very important that you watch out for enemies who have positioned themselves to counter attack. They will always be hiding in covers that have not been suppressed. If you have vehicles, you can use the, to suppress enemies who are in the counter attack locations.


NATO troops obviously have a great advantage in the defence battles. They have vehicles that are reinforced with good sporting equipment. They can set up the vehicles in keyhole sporting areas not to mention the tight target arch’s the vehicles can achieve. The vehicles will tear up anything on its way, apart from tanks of course.  If you set up javelin teams in different target area locations, you will have little problem with the attacks.

Coming up with difference defence scenarios will help you come up with the best solution for different enemy attack locations.  Defence strategies work by balancing the situation and increasing numbers on your side or the opposite side.  The main issue with defence from the NATO players are that managing the ammunition, especially the missiles can be overwhelming. This situation may also give you a limited target arch and prevent you from naturally firing.  You may end up wasting bullets on nothing.