Your main aim while playing combat two should be to complete the mission or get the target while having fun at the same time. Getting to the target is all about the attack and defense tactics you will use along the way. Playing a good defense requires you to use both new and discovered tactics. It will also need you to use some skill or have a level of experience. If you haven’t been playing the combat game for too long, you do not need to worry about adapting to the new defense strategies. Some people argue that playing defense is more difficult than playing the offense.

The first thing you have to consider while implementing this tactics is the field of fire. Do not forget to keep the defensive forces in the game repositioning constantly. You also have to keep the attackers off balance. You can do this by keeping some of your troops hidden. You can have some position in a kill zone and other troops position themselves in other areas. Do not forget to place firing troops in the kill zone. Once the attackers have been identified and also positioned themselves to fire at the hidden troopers in the kill zone you should surprise them by changing the defense and attack strategies.

 You can get the troopers to reposition themselves and the firing troop to start actively engaging into the enemies in the kill zone.  Your weapons are only part of the defense, if you do not think about the strategy; you will lose most of the game. The biggest threats to your defense fire arms are your enemies’ tankers; they can take you out even before you have any time to deal with them.

Your weapons and tactics work hand in hand with the defense; one will not work well without the other. Your AT assets play a big role in the defense strategies. Keep in mind that the heavy anti-infantry weapons can get deployed and will prove very difficult to redeploy when it is hot. You have to site the weapons with some care to maintain your safety.

Infantry squad that get deployed are meant to distract the enemy and cover areas that are not compatible with larger weapons. Putting them in exposed positions is ideal because they are easily re-positioned.  While playing the game, it is important to pay attention to the environment. This will help you spot great back up positions which you can use in the future. Never hesitate to fall back when you are in your second and third line of defense.

Redeploying your squad should be the first instinct you get when they are getting pinned by the enemy’s fire.  Moving your quads through different positions leaves many spotted marks on the map which easily confuses your enemies. They will never e sure about the defense locations and tactics which is what you are looking for. You can try keeping most of your squads in the back while few of them stay in the front line of the defense. This will help you maintain the numbers while confusing the attackers at the same time.