Players who have tried combat 2 before know that the game will get you exactly when you are not paying any attention to anything. The rainstorm of machine gun bullets, blast from RPG and squad indicators will make you feel like you have lost the game already! One way you can beat the system is by playing with complete attention to the surroundings. There are several things you can do with the information that will help you prevents any kind of disaster in the game.

The most important thing you should do in the game is reconnaissance. Your modern technology can help you win battles at unexpected rates. The modern technology in the game gives the NATO side a bit of an advantage. The opposition usually has the bigger advantage when it comes to the defence system. Most NATO vehicles had night vision which allows them to have sharp eyes during poor weather conditions and during the night. 

The bad news is, the vehicle produces excessive noise which is a giveaway when you are travelling at night. So the night vision on the vehicle is an advantage only when the vehicle is stationary. If you do not want to get blown up in your vehicle, I would suggest that you use some dismounted infantry. Night vision and binoculars gives them more advantage at night but are never that useful when there is bad weather during the day time. You have to be careful when treading through these conditions. You do not want the NATO side taking shots of you because they can spot you easily.

The first step you should take with the scouts is to assign them smaller targets.  This will prevent them from firing at you.  The target arcs should cover the scouting directions.  There is no specific troop that is mean for spotting teams so you should work with your current troops. It is hard to select between the US/NATO infantry and the javelin teams. While the infantry has spotting equipment, the javelin teams can access high quality day spotting with their thermal sights.

You can change the size of the scout teams by splitting them or using the scout team command to create two main teams. This is a great move but should only be in use when you have emergencies.  The more groups you have on the ground the better the chance of seeing an enemy attack before it happens. When your teams are in positions, it is crucial to check the sight lines. Use the target command to ensure the teams are facing on the right direction.

When you are playing combat mission shock force 2, it is important that you maintain patience. The attacks and spotting are not instantaneous like in other games. If the enemies are on the ground, you will see some contacts appearing immediately. A sensible opposition will stay in cover to make it hard for you to spot them. Stirring up some things can earn you a kind of reaction from the enemy troopers and you will be able to spot them easily.